Earlier This Month We were Allowed to Play Red Dead Redemption 2 for Two Hours

Red Dead Redemption 2

We know since the preview that depth and details become an important part of the game. Now, I wonder if this also has an effect on certain items like your saddle.

My question is, therefore; if your horse dies, in the middle of nowhere, can you should you cut your saddle loose and carry it to a camp to keep it or can it be picked up at one of the stables Looks like a fat principle, because you look twice as good. Because you are, walking with saddle, an easy prey for predators.

Maybe I have too much fantasy in this but hope you can answer this question.

Your saddle is indeed very important because there is also your inventory. Suppose you bought a gun and customize it’s in your saddlebag. If your horse dies, he will also die. He does not appear magically anywhere in a stable where you find your purchased or stolen horses in and can ‘pimp’. You have to carry away your saddle bag and indeed, apart from the fact that a walk home is a long one, you are extremely vulnerable.

Two examples of how you can get your saddlebag back easier are to fix a horse somewhere I killed a farmer for it, which I could have taken more subtly. But you can also go to the nearest horse dealer and have your saddle bag picked up for an amount so that you have at least your collected items back. And certainly, if you gradually put time, money and effort into the game, let alone the look of the bag itself, you really want it back.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

That is also the strong thing about Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar wants you to value things like your clothes, weapons and of course your horse. And the developer seems to have succeeded, because, in those six hours that I played, I was very disappointed that I lost my horse and saddlebag and, despite the sheriffs in my neck gasping because of the murder of the farmer, I have everything has put everything to get my stuff back.

What is there to customize in terms of character, weapons, and horse? From everything I hear about the game, it is very similar to a simulator.

  • Hunting, skinning, selling animals.
  • You must keep the weapon clean.
  • Your gang wants after every action a broad social discussion about what has happened and then find something of it.
  • If you have mud on your clothes, people will find something out of it, so you first have to go to the launderette to wear clean underwear.
  • That sounds fun, for once, but a very long open world game?

So no, you do not have to keep that broad public debate. You can often also drive to a mission without having a conversation. And you are also not obliged to fix food and money for the camp. The chance that your fellow campers do not feel like helping you with missions will only increase. But that does not make any difference to your way of playing if you can also do certain missions on your own.

In other words: Red Dead Redemption 2 can be played as an RPG if you want, but also as a third-person open world shooter. In the game, there is the possibility to learn new skills and gain knowledge in a so-called Compendium. There, things such as knowledge about animals, plants, gangs, weapons, and tools are extensively written out and are also easy to view. So if you are someone who likes to craften in an RPG-like way and combines items to come up with unique new items (which you get an explanation about in the form of Pamflets that you collect in the open world) then you can do that involves going completely loose in RDR2.

You can at least adjust your weapons to your own taste. So if you want a golden flask for your colt, for example, and a wooden barrel, but the gun itself wants to have green when it comes to speaking, that’s possible too. In addition, it is possible to have your weapons engraved and have the wood worked to create cool decorations. By the way, they can be seen throughout the game, so also in the cinematic moments. I am even assured that your custom character, weapons, and the horse can also be used in the multiplayer game.

Actually, I have already given an answer to your second question: You can certainly do that, but you are not going to make it easier for yourself. People in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 hear about your reputation as a bad-guy and flee or warn the law. Just like in GTA there is a prize on your head and makes playing missions or extra missions not easier.

Although we received a lot of information in the first game session. And you might have more questions drop them in the comments.